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oncefortwice's Journal

Once for Twice
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A community for Twice's fans
A community for fans of the kpop group Twice.

1. Before making a post and submitting look if it has been already posted. Remember to tag your posts to make things easier for everyone.
2. When you make a post you have to put a source for every content on it. For translated news you need to add the original source apart from the one of the translation.
3. No hot-linking for pictures. Upload the pictures to an account on a photo hosting site (it can be your own livejournal gallery). *imgur doesn’t work on livejournal*
4. For big posts use a LJ-Cut. Put only one picture or video outside the cut and it cannot be bigger than 600px. The source has to be also outside the cut.
5. DON’T edit your posts with information that changes the topic. You can edit to fix mistakes or to add updates if the post is recent, but put a note at the end telling what you changed.
6. DON’T delete comments from other users on your posts.
7. Don’t post Off Topic comments. There is going to be posts for that.
8. No personal attacks. You can defend your opinion without attacking other users. If someone is doing it, send me a message (fabulousdoll) and let me know.

I recommend to read this omona post if you have doubts about how to do something when posting or even just to make a comment: